Trucktoberfest Part 2

Drawing: Friday, November 24TH ★ 7:30PM

Oops, we truck’ed up!

● A portion of your total entries from the Trucktoberfest Giveaway were not included in the October 1st drawings.

● Let us make it up to you with this exclusive Black Friday Giveaway!

● Be here on Black Friday, November 24th as we give away another 2017 Ford F-150.

● Since you were here on October 1st between 10:30AM and 7PM all of your entries will be included in the Black Friday drawing.

● At 7:30PM, 26 names will be drawn to select an envelope to reveal a prize up to $1,000 Free SlotPlay®/Free Bet or a 2017 Ford F-150.

● Marquee Rewards® card must be inserted into any slot machine 30 minutes prior to the drawing to activate your entries.

● Any entries you are currently earning will be valid for Kris Kringle’s Cadillac Giveaway on Tuesday, December 26th.

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