Vendor Construction Contacts


Landscape Architecture and LEED

Collaborative Inc.            

Anne Yager        

Phone: 419-242-7405     Email:


Mechanical Engineer     

Concord Atlantic Engineers         

Anthony Caucci

Phone: 609-272-9620     Email:


Audio Visual

Control Point Technologies

John Wise

Phone: 717-644-3724     Email:


Civil and Traffic Engineer

DGL Consulting Engineers

Stephen Way

Phone: 419-535-1015     Email:


Interior Design

Genesis Associates

Phil Treinen

Phone: 714-668-5711     Email:


Structural Engineer

Gregory P. Luth & Associates

Greg P. Luth

Phone: 408-654-0475     Email:


Environmental Consultant

Hzw Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Matthew D. Knecht

Phone: 800-804-8484     Email:


Electrical and Plumbing Engineer              

Kuhlmann Design Group              

Ron Arnold        

Phone: 314-434-8898     Email:


Parking Garage Engineer

Laurene, Rickher & Sorrell P.C.

Arne Laurene

Phone: 980-235-2620     Email:


Lighting Consultant

Lighting Design Alliance

Jeremy Windle

Phone: 562-989-3843     Email:


Low Voltage Consultant               

Michael Raiser Associates

Michael Raiser

Phone: 973-305-0011     Email:


Surveillance Consultant


Greg Gosciak

Phone: 856-767-8676     Email:


Theming Contractor

Recreation Development Co.

Jeff Whittle

Phone: 702-399-7955     Email:


Contractor - Construction Manager


Ron Dulay

Phone: 419-241-5000     Email:


Signage Consultant

Sign Spec

Chuck Jacques

Phone: 856-663-2292     Email:


Food Service Design

Theodore Barber & Company

Ted Barber

Phone: 727-581-5522     Email:


Geo-Technical Engineer               

TTL Associates

Thomas Uhler

Phone: 419-324-2222     Email:


Project Architect

Urban Design Group

Donald Buenger              

Phone: 770-444-9630    


Theming Contractor

Western Architectural Services, LLC

Tracy Jones

Phone: 801-523-0393     Email: