Upcoming Tributes

Justin Timberlake Tribute Band

March 9

Larger Than Life

9PM - 10:30PM

Larger Than Life- A Justin Timberlake Tribute. Originally starting in New York and taking the country by storm.  This is the only act of its kind featuring actual boyband singing, dancing, costumes, and that pop look!  Larger Than Life will take you back in time to the biggest 90s party ever.

**Free Admission**​

Green Day Tribute Band

April 20

Green ToDay

9PM - 10:30PM

Green Today - A Green Day Tribute. GREEN TODAY replicates the the high-energy sights and sounds of a Green Day concert for all ages. Performing songs from the Grammy award-winning band’s 30+ year influential and successful career, GREEN TODAY brings an accurate representation of Green Day’s chart-topping hits and entertaining live show that audiences across generations recognize and enjoy. GREEN TODAY loves to bring Green Day’s timeless music to the stage that got Green Day inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

**Free Admission**